September 11, 2010

Fall Special

I've had lots of people in the past week or two inquire about a photo session for fall, so I got the idea to set up a big group type session.

October 22nd at Stocksdale Park, 5-7 on the hour and half hour - benefit of this location is that it's in Liberty
October 23rd at English Landing Park in Parkville, 4-7 on the hour and half hour - benefit of this location is that there are tons of trees so I picture lots of fall-colored leaves

Differences between this and a normal session:
--price: only $30 (normal sessions are $45)
--your family will have 20 minutes (normal sessions have 45)
--we will start with a family portrait since most people are wanting that for holiday cards - if it goes fast we'll use the remaining time for individual shots of your kids, couple shots, etc
--there will be one spot (normal sessions we switch to several different background options)
--you will still get all your pictures on a CD to print as you wish, upload to make cards, etc (around the first of November so you can order cards and have them  ready to mail out by the beginning of December)

If all the time slots fill up, I can open up a 3rd day option.  If there are gaps in the times I'll adjust them.

I am still offering full, normal sessions if you would like more time, picking your own location, etc.  Just let me know if you're interested so I can get you on my schedule before things fill up.


  1. Is there a number to call to schedule a regular session? How can you best be reached?

  2. oops, I should have listed my contact info. You can reach me via email at - - thanks!